Why volunteer with us?

Volunteering with us can make a difference for you, the local community and the rest of the team:

  • Help to give local people the opportunity to speak up about their health and social care experiences
  • Learn new things
  • Use your skills to contribute to the success of Healthwatch in Coventry
  • Boost your CV by gaining new experiences
  • We provide training, support and out of pocket expenses for volunteers

I enjoy being part of the team at Healthwatch Coventry, working to make a positive difference to services used by local people and engaging with people from all walks of life.

Read about our volunteer roles

Healthwatch volunteers in hospital with nurse

Our volunteer roles

  • Authorised Representatives -  who visit NHS and Care services

  • Social media - supporting our social media campaigns

  • Outreach volunteers - talking to people in community settings

  • Steering Group member - decision making group overseeing our work

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Clear Information Volunteers 

Help make information about health and care services aimed at local citizens easier to understand by giving you thoughts on draft information. No particular skills or training is needed. We look from the point of view of ordinary people. You will give your perspective.

We want the  group to reflect different people so we are especially interested to hear from anyone who has a disability or speaks English as a second language.

This is flexible volunteering you can do from your home, that can fit around the other things you do.

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Authorised Representative Volunteer

They carry out visits to NHS and social care services to see how they run. They talk to and record experiences of people who are using the services. Visits are carried out in groups. They are planned and volunteers sign up to dates they can do.   

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is needed to carry out the role. We also provide a specific training course, induction and support.

Authorised representatives are happy to go to different NHS and care settings. They enjoy listening to others, they are observant and can record information accurately.

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Steering Group Volunteer

Our Steering Group volunteers help us to set work priorities; hold services to account; and be influential. The Steering Group make decisions based on the priorities of local communities so it is important it is objective and impartial. The  Group is made up of volunteers and representatives for local voluntary groups. 

The role involves attending and speaking at meetings and reading paper work, reports etc. Steering Group volunteers have good communication skills, are objective and think critically about information. Some knowledge of health or social care is helpful, but more important is a commitment to learn and to work with others.

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Community Outreach Volunteer

Help us to go out and talk to people in the place they are. Outreach volunteers listen to and record the experiences of local people about health and care. Volunteers support Healthwatch to reach out to communities in our City helping us to make sure we hear from all of our communities so that they have a voice.

The role is carried out in different locations including: group meetings; events such as fetes and open days; public venues eg community centres and cafes and many more. 

This is a people focused role for someone who enjoys meeting people and is interested in people.

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Meet some of our volunteers

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