What does this role do?

Authorised Representatives are volunteers who carry out visits to NHS and social care services to see how they are delivered and gather experiences from people using the services. This is known as Enter and View.

What is Enter and View?

Enter and View is the legal name given to visits to heath and care service made by local Healthwatch. The visits are a method to find out peoples’ experiences of services and to see how the services run. Enter and View visits are linked to a piece or work agreed by the Healthwatch Coventry Steering Group.

Visits may take place in a variety of health and social care settings eg hospitals, care homes, day centres, mental health facilities - any service which provides a health or social care services funded through the NHS or Coventry City Council.

Who can do the role?

To do the role you must successfully complete specific training, meeting Healthwatch England good practice. A criminal record check is also needed. 

Authorised Representatives need to be 18 years of age or older.

What will I get from the role?

Authorised Representatives have a key role within Healthwatch Coventry and a unique opportunity to gain experience of Health and Social care issues.

You will have the opportunity to develop new skills through training and increase your level of understanding regarding local services.

You can use your skills for the benefit of local people - helping people, to have a voice

You will be working with others, helping to make sure health and social care services meet the needs of everyone.

Expenses and Training

Travel and out of pocket expenses related to the role can be claimed back.

Free training for the role will be given for the role.

You will be invited to Healthwatch events.

What skills and qualities are needed?

We are looking for people who are interested in others and enjoy listening to people. You should have the following skills and qualities:

  • Good listening skills
  • Empathy with others and not judging people
  • Able to ask questions as part of guided interviews
  • Observant (we often record what we see happening as part of visits)
  • Able to record information and produce write ups/reports
  • A commitment to being inclusive and valuing diversity
  • Work effectively with others in a small team
  • Sensitivity when dealing with vulnerable people and confidential information

You will also need to:

  • Prepare for Enter and View visits by carrying out some background reading
  • Be comfortable explaining the role of Healthwatch to others
  • Deal with confidential information sensitively and appropriately
  • Follow Healthwatch policies and procedures
  • Contribute to group meetings/discussions in a constructive way
  • Be willing to travel independently across Coventry to access services
  • Commit to your own learning and attend training, briefing and debriefs provided by Healthwatch Coventry in relation to Enter and View
  • Treat people with dignity and respect at all times


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