Our work priorities

We are working on the following areas:

  1. Making sure the views and needs of local people are taken into account in the use of changed ways of accessing health and care services eg digital and other non face-to-face approaches
  2. Working with other organisations to ensure local people get good quality information about local NHS and care services
  3. Working to make sure a Healthwatch voice within new NHS structures and for patients/ the public to be at the heart of service planning
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Last year our areas of work were:

  • Social care - care home actions to improve physical access and help those with dementia and hearing loss

  • Improving information - looking at GP websites and working out how to improve them

  • Plans for the NHS - feeding into changes to how the NHS is organised

  • Responding to COVID-19- providing public information around vaccinations

Read our annual report for 2020-2021

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