Our work priorities

We are working on the following areas:

  1. Making sure the views and needs of local people are taken into account in the use of changed ways of accessing health and care services eg digital and other non face-to-face approaches
  2. Good quality information about local NHS and care services for local people 
  3. Working to make sure local people have a strong voice in the new NHS and care planning struct ures

Our clear information work

We believe that well produced, clear, information empowers local people to know about and use NHS and care services in the best way.

So we have created out Clear Information Group to review information from an ordinary person's point of view to check if it makes sense and gives the information people want.

The Clear Information Group is made up of volunteers - local people from different backgrounds with differing needs and perspectives.

The focus of the group is on clear and plain information. We ask group members questions like:

  • How easy was this to read?
  • What did you understand?
  • And what didn’t you understand and for suggestions for what would help.

The group can look at a variety of formats e.g. leaflets, letters, videos, web content or other items that contain information aimed at patients/public.


Information sheet for organisations about Clear Information Group
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Get involved

You can help us improve care by getting involved by joining us, volunteering, or telling us your experience

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