Clear information report - GP practice team

The Healthwatch Coventry Clear Information Group reviewed a new booklet about GP services
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We believe that information for local people should be clear and helpful. Our Clear Information volunteers do to. They look at information that is being produced for local people to see what is clear and what is not from their own point of view.

The local NHS asked us to look at a draft leaflet to explain the team of people who work in a GP practice.

Our volunteers asked for key areas to be worked on:

  • the leaflet to be shorter it started at 1600 words long
  • the language to be Plain English
  • the tone to positive throughout
  • updating the leaflet purpose.

What happed next?

The CCG redrafted the leaflet and the new draft was much shorter and had less repetition.

We had a short time to respond with further comments and so we tested for scores in the readability test. We also checked for sentence structure and the overall tone.

The CCG did further work and sections were re-written to make the language simpler. Then the score of the booklet came in the plain English range.


Read the report:

A guide to your GP practice review

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