Clear Information Volunteer

Clear Information Volunteers give us their opinion on how easy it is to understand local health and social care information for the public. These may be things like website information or leaflets.

We will use this feedback to tell the service that created the information what is easy to understand, and what is not, so they can make improvements.

We want our clear information group to reflect the needs of a wide range of people so we are especially interested to hear from anyone who has a disability or speaks English as a second language.

The time commitment

The role is flexible and can be done from home. We will let you know when we have something for you to look at and you will tell us if you are available to help. 


See the role description for the Clear Information Volunteer role

Link Volunteer

Link Volunteers use their existing networks and social connections to tell people about Healthwatch. They will help more people across the city learn about Healthwatch and what we do.

They will also signpost people who have experienced an issue with local health and social care services to us, making sure  we're hearing from people who otherwise might not be heard. 

Link Volunteers keep simple records of their conversations and  information and updates from Healthwatch to share with people they meet.

The time commitment

This role is very flexible in terms of how much time is required as well as where the activity takes place. 

Being a Link Volunteer is a great opportunity to volunteer in a role that fits around you and your life whilst also knowing you are helping people to have their say in how local services are run. 


See the role description for the Healthwatch Coventry Link Volunteer role

Authorised Representative Volunteer

Authorised Representatives carry out visits to NHS and social care services to see how they are delivered and gather information from people using the services. Visits are carried out in groups and are led by a member of Healthwatch staff. 

Authorised Representatives need to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and undergo training  to carry out the role. 

* Visits are currently on hold due to COVID-19 *

The time commitment

Visits are planned well in advance and Authorised Representatives sign up for the dates they can do. There will be some preparation to do before the visit as well as contributing to a report afterwards.


See the role description for the Authorised Representative role

Steering Group Volunteer

Our Steering Group volunteers help Healthwatch Coventry to set work priorities; hold services to account; and be influential. The Steering Group make decisions based on the priorities of local communities so it is important it is objective and impartial.

Our Steering Group is made up of volunteers and representatives for local voluntary groups. We recruit to some of the places every year. Steering Group recruitment is currently open. For more information on the role and how to apply, visit our Steering Group recruitment page

The time commitment

The group meets every other month and there are papers to read for meetings. There will also be emails to respond to in between meetings related to things which cannot wait until the next meeting.

Steering Group volunteers can also choose to attend external meetings/events on behalf of Healthwatch Coventry and report back.

Read more about our Steering Group