Covid-19 - Experiences and learning in Coventry care homes

Between 6 July 2020 and 7 August 2020 we spoke to 71% of residential care home managers and heard their experiences and views about the impact of Covid-19 on the services they provide along with examples of what worked and what did not.
Man in a care home

We asked questions about the impact of Covid-19 on delivering care, residents wellbeing, and on staff. We also asked about support from NHS organisations and the Council, hospital discharge, and for reflections on what worked well and what could be better.

What we found

The following were areas that care home managers said had worked well or been positive:

  • Commitment of staff
  • Support from parent company
  • Additional training for staff
  • Staff and team working
  • Communication across organisations
  • Quick and open communication
  • Support from CCG and infection prevention control team
  • Mental health support
  • Knowing the Covid-19 status of new residents
  • Technology

Areas where things could have worked better were:

  • Difficulties managing the amount of information received
  • Concerns about access to testing for residents and staff in care homes – changes to how this is organised, faulty kits and  then lack of tests available (8 care home managers)
  • Ensuring Covid-19 test status is known before people are discharged from hospital to care home
  • Hospital discharge process and identifying individual’s needs
  • Guidance around protective equipment (PPE) not clear


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