NHS Trust Quality Accounts 2019: Our commentaries

Each year Healthwatch Coventry looks at the evidence local NHS organisations produce about the quality of their services, and inputs into the ideas for future quality priorities based on what we hear about services.

NHS Trusts must produce a Quality Account document each year to set out evidence about the quality of their services and to set quality priorities for the next year.

We write down our thoughts on what the Trusts say by writing in a commentary which they must publish in their Quality Account documents.

We consider if a Trust’s quality account:

  1. Reflects people's real experiences as told to Healthwatch
  2. Shows a clear learning culture in the Trust that allows people’s real experiences to help the provider get better
  3. Priorities for improvement are challenging enough and is it clear how improvement will be measured


Read what we said about our local NHS Trusts:

Healthwatch Coventry Commentary on UHCW Quality Account
Healthwatch Coventry Commentary on CWPT Quality Accuont
Healthwatch Coventry commentary on WMAS Quality Account

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