Good Engagement Charter

We worked with Healthwatch Warwickshire to produce a simple 9 step approach tool to help make engagement worthwhile for organisations and individuals.
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Engagement can be anything from having conversations with people about their experiences of using services, to surveys, consultations, and involvement in service redesign.

By signing up to our Charter NHS organisations can make a commitment to working for more effective ways to involve local people.

We are calling for NHS organisations to:

  1. Be clear about why there is a need to ‘engage’ with our community/service users, e.g. what the purpose is
  2. Work with partners when engaging with our community to co-ordinate work and avoid duplication   
  3. Allow sufficient/plenty of time for engagement      

4. Use a range of different ways for people to have their say

5. Be honest and transparent when engaging with our community about what can be influenced

6. Make sure that information is accessible to all

7. Provide people with feedback when engaging with them

8. Recognise best practice and make sure that it is used to inform future engagement with our community

9. Evaluate the engagement process and make sure that any lessons learned are used to make engagement better in the future


Read our Good Engagement Charter and call to action

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