Enter and View: Sovereign House

We visited Sovereign House nursing home to ensure that people who may be vulnerable and less able to raise their voices have the opportunity to speak to Healthwatch Coventry, and to look at how residents' physical health needs are supported.
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We collected our information by speaking to the Manager, six members of staff, seven residents and two visitors.

Our recommendations

  1. Make use of the excellent garden facility by tidying it up (including the benches) and encouraging/ enabling residents to use space – this could be as part of an activities programme/plan
  2. Implement aspects of dementia friendly design
  3. Clear areas inside and outside the bathroom on ground floor used to store reablement equipment and put in place additional purpose built storage. Bring this bathroom back into use
  4. Further develop activities and one-to-one interactions, ensuring that residents on Floor 2 and 3 have access to both group and one-to-one activities on the floor where they live.
  5. Ensure the compliments/complaints policy is visible and accessible. 
  6. Review staffing levels within the units. 

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