Getting to outpatient appointments

Local people have told us what they think about the location of outpatient appointments and tests. 205 people responded to our survey asking about how people travel to outpatient appointments at hospitals and the impact of different locations.
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Our findings included:

  • People preferred to attend a hospital within Coventry.
  • Choice of day/time of appointment and the ability to see a specific doctor/consultant team were also considered very important. 
  • The most important factors when choosing a hospital to attend for an outpatient appointment were the shortest waiting times, very closely followed by close to where you live. Access by public transport was also seen as important.
  • We received many comments about public transport when we asked people to consider different hospitals in Warwickshire, Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham. Most of these were concerns that there was no quick and direct public transport.

The top 3 factors identified as potential mitigations for traveling further to a hospital location were:

  1. Choice of time of day for appointment to fit around commitments
  2. Avoiding peak traffic such as early morning
  3. More direct public transport


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Getting to outpatient appointments factors influencing choices and access

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