GP quality in Coventry - what people think a good service is

Healthwatch gathered the views of 271 local people to understand the factors people though made a good quality GP service for them.
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We used two surveys, made visits to the local Walk-in-Centre, and held focus discussion groups with community groups about what local people thought made a good quality GP service. We also had conversations with a selection of Practice Managers.

Rich information was gathered about what people value from GP services, including continuity of personal relationship, the local nature of services and value of continuity of care for many. Healthwatch has made 9 recommendations for action.

A key outcome was a draft statement of what a good quality GP service is:


  • There are a range of methods for booking appointments
  • The methods for making an appointment should take into account the needs of people who work and young people (the most unpopular system is having to phone at 8.00 or 8.30 to make an appointment and then being told to phone back the next day)
  • A practice should not have an 0844 phone number
  • Having a text reminder service
  • A time slot or/time frame for phone consultations is booked
  • A patient friendly system for repeat prescription requests
  • Adaptation to process and access are made in order to meet the needs of physically or learning disabled or those with a sensory impairment


  • Receptionists should provide a customer focused service (approachable, caring, helpful)
  • GPs are knowledgeable and listening well to their patients, with good interpersonal skills
  • Practice Nurses should be well trained and have good interpersonal skills


  • The practice has up to date information for patients about their services, out of hours GP services, and how to raise a concern or a complaint
  • The practice has up to date web based information (its own website and information is kept up to date on NHS Choices)
  • The GP practice are aware of the role of Healthwatch and PALS services in NHS Trusts

Raising issues:

  • There are clear and easy ways of raising a concern or complaint regarding the practice to practice staff
  • Reassurance is given to patients that there will be no repercussions (such as removal from the practice list) for raising issues or making suggestions
  • The practice has a listening culture
  • Timely and full responses are given by the practice

Patient engagement:

  • The practice has a range of pro-active mechanisms to capture patient feedback and a route for patients to be involved via a patient group
  • The practice can show that patient views have been listened to, for example, by demonstrating a change that has been made


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