New planned care platform

Government sets out plans for 'My Planned Care' a new online route for information for patients waiting for planned surgery.
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What are the plans?

Patients waiting for planned hospital care (also known as elective care) will be able to use a new online way to find out information about waiting times at hospital trusts.

Patients and their carers will be able to access tailored information ahead of planned surgeries and clinicians will be able to link patients to the most appropriate personalised support in preparation for their surgery.

This could include advice on prevention services such as stop smoking or diet and exercise plans, to make sure they are fighting fit for surgery to reduce cancellations, prevent deterioration and help patients recover as quickly as possible.

This platform, combined with our record funding to tackle the backlog and invest in innovative diagnosis and treatment will help us ensure access to life changing care and support for people no matter who they are or where they live.
— Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid

The platform, which will go live later this month, will initially be accessible via the  NHS.UK website. it aims to allow patients, family members, carers and clinicians to access information at any point of their care.

In the longer term it is expected the service will be delivered via the NHS App.

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