Volunteer with us

We are recruiting volunteers to 4 interesting roles:

  • Authorised Representatives

  • Service Quality volunteers

  • Contact point volunteer

  • ICAS Support Volunteer

We provide training, support and out of pocket expenses for volunteers.

For a discussion contact Ruth, our Volunteering Officer, on 024 7622 0381 (option 5) or email us . You can also click here for an application form.

Find out more about each of our volunteering roles below.

Find out about other ways to be involved in Healthwatch Coventry.

Authorised Representatives

Authorised Representatives are volunteers who carry out visits to NHS and social care services to see how they are delivered and gather information from people using the services. Healthwatch Coventry has different teams of Authorised Representatives, one for visiting care homes and one for visiting NHS services.  Each team will be trained for their role. Potential volunteers for this role need to have a DBS (criminal record) check and to successfully complete a specific training course in order to be Authorised.

Download the Authorised Representative role description (PDF document 91 KB)

Service Quality Volunteers

Service quality volunteers help Healthwatch to act as a critical friend to health and social care services by using their analytical skills and/or knowledge about a specific service area or client group.They do things such as reviewing service plans and consultations. This is an add hoc role that involves doing tasks alone and feeding back. Quality volunteers may also represent Healthwatch at external some meetings.

Download the role description for Service Quality Volunteer (PDF document 99KB)

Contact point volunteer

Contact point volunteers talk to people about their experiences of health and social care services, promote the Healthwatch Information Line as a source of helpful information to answer questions about local health and social care and promote involvement in Healthwatch Coventry through Healthwatch membership and other routes for involvement.

Download the role description for Contact point volunteer (PDF document 174)

ICAS Support Volunteer

The Healthwatch ICAS (Independent Complaints and Advocacy Service) Caseworker provides step by step support to people going through the NHS complaints process. The ICAS Volunteer will help the ICAS Caseworker by liaising with clients by telephone, letter and email and by and accompanying the ICAS Caseworker to meetings and home visits with clients.  They are also required to research information and take notes at client meetings. 

Download the role description for ICAS Support Volunteer (PDF document 85kb)