Using digital technology for NHS care

Communication involvement and use of technology in NHS Services

469 people took part in the Healthwatch Coventry survey to find out:

  • How people would like to book appointments and get test results
  • Access NHS service using technology
  • What people think about communication from and feedback to GP practices.

We also held two discussion groups with women for whom English was a second language and parents of children/young people with special educational needs and disability.

Overall what people would like to see:

1. Flexibility of methods of accessing services to take into account individual needs and circumstances
2. A focus on the outcome for patients when putting in place digital methods and not a focus on the technology
3. Full consideration of security
4. Equity/fairness - no preferential access for those who have digital access over those who do not
5. Good information about new methods and the option to learn how to use them
6. More regular communication from GP practices reaching those who do not go to the practice often as well as those who do
7. Clearer and more ways to give views and feedback to GP practices using different methods (after using services and/or annually; paper and online)

Our reports published March 2020

Additional report published May 2020