Social care services in Coventry

Social care services in Coventry are the responsibility of Coventry City Council. Social care is a term which refers to a range of personal and practical services which enable disabled or older people to live their lives. It might be help with dressing, washing, eating or other everyday things. Unlike NHS services social care services are not necessarily free at the point of delivery. They are means tested and use assessment criteria.

The City council holds the budget to pay for these services and 'commissions' other organisations such as businesses or charities to provide different services. The council also provide some directly through staff they employ.

Find out more about social care services on Coventry city council website

Go to information on the Coventry city council website about how to make a comment  or complaint about a social care service

Go to a guide on making a complaint about social care services

Healthwatch Coventry is also interested in your feedback about social care services in Coventry. We use the information people tell us to look for patterns and trends to inform our decisions about what issues to raise with decision makers and what further investigations to carry out. Feedback on a service to Healthwatch