Work programme

Healthwatch Coventry priorities

We are working on the following areas now:

  1. Working to make sure the views and needs of local people are taken into account in the use of digital and other non face-to-face ways of providing NHS and care services
  2. Working with other organisations to ensure local people get good quality information to help them find their way in changed services resulting from Covid-19
  3. Finding new ways to gather feedback from people using health and care services
  4. Feeding into the process for the merger of the three local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs) for the benefit of the interests of patients and the public

Last year our areas of work were:

  1. Social care - visits to care homes to found out how residents health needs are supported
  2. Improving information - information that patients and families can understand when they are discharged from hospital
  3. Plans for the NHS - what do local people think will improve communication,  and they way services work
  4. Respite care - carers breaks. What are experiences of services?

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