COVID-19 winter plan


The UK government have published their plan for managing COVID-19 during the autumn and winter. The plan has been split into two parts, "Plan A" and "Plan B".

Plan A will come into effect immediately, whereas Plan B will only come into effect if the NHS is coming under "unsustainable pressure".

What does Plan A include?

This is centred around vaccinations and testing. Ministers want to:

  • encourage the unvaccinated to be jabbed
  • offer vaccines to 12 to 15-year-olds
  • begin a booster jab programme for millions

The plan will also include continuing testing, tracing of cases and self-isolation for those who catch the virus.

Businesses will also be encouraged to consider using the NHS Covid Pass to check the vaccination or test status of customers.

What does Plan B include?

If the NHS needs further protection, Plan B would be enacted. This includes:

  • the public would be urged to act more cautiously
  • mandatory vaccine passports could be used for mass events and other settings
  • face coverings could be legally mandated in some places
  • Guidance on working from home may also be issued under this plan.
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What guidance remains in place?

  • Face coverings are no longer required by law. However, many companies are choosing to have them as a requirement e.g. West Midlands public transport services. Face coverings are still required in NHS settings.
  • Meet outside if it possible to do so.
  • If you do meet inside, open windows and doors.
  • Take the vaccine when you are offered it.
  • Wear a face covering in crowded public places.
  • Remember that some people are more vulnerable than others to being seriously ill.
  • Wash hands and clean surfaces regularly.

What changed from 19 July

Read more about what you can and can't do under the COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 rapid tests for those without COVID symptoms

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Everyone should take two rapid COVID-19 tests a week. The tests are a simple swab of the nose and throat and give fast results.

Test kits can be collected from local testing centres. From October 2021, you'll need to bring a 'collect code' when you pick up LFT testing kits. You can get a collect code:

Alternatively, you can have a test at the centre.

Find out where Coventry’s rapid test centres are

Or you can collect test kits from local pharmacies and libraries and do the tests at home.

View where you can collect test kits on a map

If you test positive you will need to get a second test using one of the testing centres that send your sample to a lab to be analysed.

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Local COVID-19 support

Coventry City Council, local NHS organisations and voluntary organsations offer support:

Find out about local practical help

Go to emotional wellbeing support produced by Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust


NHS Test and Trace app

The NHS Covid-19 app

The NHS Covid-19 app helps notify users if they have come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19. The app allows people to report symptoms, order a coronavirus test, check in to venues by scanning a QR code and it helps the NHS trace individuals that have coronavirus.

The app does this while protecting the user’s anonymity. Nobody, including the government, will know who or where a particular user is.

Read more and download the app