NHS 111 First: is it making a difference for people

Healthwatch England finds how well NHS 111 First is working by asking people for their experiences...
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What is NHS 111 First?

In December 2020 the NHS launched a new service called NHS 111 First designed to improve access to NHS care by providing one route to access the right care including access to A&E when needed.

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Why did Healthwatch England do a survey?

Healthwatch England have published the results of a survey designed to get feedback from service users who have been using that service since December. Healthwatch England wanted to know:

  • How aware people are NHS 111 First and are if they are likely to use it
  • How satisfied service users were with the 111 First service they had received
  • If service users felt they were getting the right help from 111 First
  • How the service users felt 111 First could be improved.

What people told Healthwatch England about NHS 111 First

Awareness of the new service is low:

  • 80% of our polling were not aware that NHS 111 could reserve time slots at GPs
  • 73% were not aware they could reserve time slots at A&E.

This is important, as 60% of people who were previously unaware of the service told us that knowing this information made them more likely to call NHS 111 next time they had an urgent medical problem. ​

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