Communication with people with hearing loss

Did you know? There are 12 million people in the UK with hearing loss, with around 70% of people over the age of 70 experiencing some form of hearing loss.
Side profile of a man wearing a hearing aid

It is therefore essential that health and social care professionals find effective ways to communicate during remote appointments.

Here are some tips provided by Action on Hearing Loss:

  • Instead of using the telephone, if possible, use video conferencing tools.
  • Some video conferencing platforms have 'live captioning' - this is where the software turns the spoken word into captioned text. 
  • There are national relay services you can use, such as RelayUK for people with hearing loss.
  • Check if the person you are talking to is wearing a hearing aid and that it is working correctly. If not, contact your local audiology department for advice or a personal listener to amplify sound.
  • There are live speech-to-text apps, although the accuracy cannot be guaranteed, such as Live Transcribe (available on Android and iPhone devices). If you use these always make sure you check the patients understanding.
  • There are video relay services, such as InterpreterNow, for British Sign Language users.

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