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Social care services

Recommendations about access to and information about the Opal Disability Resource Centre

Tthe Coventry Physical and Sensory Impairment Reference Group highlighted some access issues with regards to the centre. We set up a task group and also worked with the manager of the Centre to review information letters and information provided to service users of the Centre, recommending how to make this more user friendly.

Download Coventry LINk's report on the Opal Centre (PDF document 221 KB

Better use of language about safeguarding

Coventry LINk was asked by Coventry's Safeguarding Stakeholder group to find out if there were better ways to talk to local people about keeping older and vulnerable people safe (Safeguarding). LINk carried out a survey and received 96 responses. The questionnaire was circulated to people via a local college, a 6th form college intranet, LINk website, Facebook and voluntary sector organisations who work in partnership with LINk. A focus group was also held within an older people’s residential setting.

Download Coventry LINk's findings on better use of language about Safeguarding (PDF document 218 KB)


New leaflets have been produced by the City Council aimed at the public and staff using the information we gathered to inform how they were produced.
Work is ongoing to produce a new version of a leaflet to explain the process both in plain English and easy read versions.
Report and recommendations about the implementation of choice and control in adult social care

Personalisation in adult social care

This report reviews of the implementation of more choice and control (personalisation) for people who receive social care services. 

Download Coventry LINk's report about the implementation of personalisation in adult social care (PDF document 503 KB)

Download Coventry LINk's report of focus group discussions about implementing personalisation (PDF document 257 KB)

Accessing cancer screening services for people from ethnic minority communities

Coventry LINk, in partnership with Arden Cancer Network and support from Warwickshire LINk secured funding to investigate the issues and barriers that people from ethnic minority communities face when accessing cancer screening services in Coventry.

Download the report Accessing cancer screening services for people from ethnic minority communities in Coventry (PDF 467 KB)