Patient centred communication on hospital wards

We have published a report which looks at patient centred communication on hospital wards.

Our aims were to:

  1. Gather information about what is available on wards to enable person centred communication, particularly for patients who have a learning disability, sensory impairment (sight or hearing loss) or who speak little or no English
  2. Identify the impact of UHCW initiatives and resources designed to support patient communication on wards have in practice for patients and relatives
  3. Promote the sharing of good practice and identify any gaps in provision or areas for potential development

During these visits we recorded observations and spoke to 72 patients, 24 staff and 11 relatives using guided interview techniques and distributed visitor surveys.

Download HW Coventry Full report - UHCW ward visits (pdf document 1.6mb)

Download HW Coventry Summary report - UHCW ward visits (pdf document 474kb)