NHS Confederation poll shows most MPs think people are suffering due to social care issues

Over three quarters of MPs including most Conservatives (58 per cent) agree there is a social care crisis, with the majority believing people in their constituencies are now suffering because of care cuts.

The findings were revealed by a representative poll of MPs, most of whom (65 per cent) agreed that the number of people in their constituencies coming to them with concerns about social care had increased during their time in office.

The poll was commissioned by the NHS Confederation, which leads Health for Care - a coalition of 15 organisations including the Patients Association that advocates for a long-term settlement for social care.

Health for Care is running an online petition calling on the Prime Minister to secure long term funding to deliver the care people need – suggesting this should be a minimum increase of 3.9 per cent in spending a year. You can join the 125,000 people who have already signed the petition here,  and read more about the poll of MPs here.  Find out more.