New population estimates for Coventry

The new mid-year population estimates for mid-2019 were published by the ONS recently. It estimates that the total population of Coventry is 371,500 usual residents. This is an annual increase of 4,700 from 366,800 at mid-2018. For many years Coventry has been amongst the fastest growing places in the UK in terms of population, however in 2019 the growth rate slowed a little.

  • The total population increased by 1.3% in the year up to mid-2019, a slowing of the growth rate for the previous year of 1.8%.
  • While growth has stabilised, Coventry remains amongst the top 10% of local authorities in the country for growth rate (33rd highest growth rate in the UK).
  • Net international migration remains the main cause of population growth in Coventry.
  • The reason why population growth slowed a little in 2019 was an increase in the number of people moving out of Coventry to elsewhere in the UK compared to the previous year.
  • The highest growth in the population is amongst the young working aged adult population.

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