590 people's stories of leaving hospital during COVID-19 published

Getting discharge right will play a vital role in reducing readmissions and keeping hospital beds free this winter. Read recommendations for urgent action in a new report published by Healthwatch England and the British Red Cross.

Key findings

• 82% of respondents did not receive a follow-up visit and assessment at home and almost one in five of these reported an unmet care need.
• Some people felt their discharge was rushed, with around one in five (19%) feeling unprepared to leave hospital.
• Over a third (35%) of people were not given a contact who they could get in touch with for further advice after discharge, despite this being part of the guidance.
• Overall patients and families were very positive about healthcare staff, praising their efforts during such a difficult time.
• Around a third (30%) of people faced an issue with delayed COVID-19 test results, potentially putting family and carers at risk, or in a care home, other residents and staff.

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