Impact of Covid-19

What People in Coventry said

Healthwatch Coventry worked alongside Healthwatch Warwickshire to find out the impact changes to services and support resulting from Covid-19 were having on local people.

The survey was open between the beginning of May and 3 July 2020. 

People highlighted

  • Challenges around getting the right information for them
  • Insufficient communication from local NHS services
  • Impact of service changes due to Covid-19 eg outpatient appointments delayed or tests postponed
  • Understanding and praise for NHS services
  • Uncertainty about what is happening regarding planned or ongoing treatment and if they should make contact with services or not
  • Mixed experiences of the use of non face to face NHS contact (eg by phone or video)
  • A lot of worries. Either general or specific.
  • 56% identifying an impact on their mental health, however most not seeking outside help.

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