Current surveys

You will find the most recent surveys/questionnaires gathering views on different  Health and Social Care services below so that you can give your views:

Share your experience of health and social care

Research has shown that older people are less likely to complain about services and are less aware of the different ways they can share their views.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) want older people and their friends and families to share their expereineces of health and social care.

You can do this in a number of ways, sending an email, completing an online form or telephoning the CQC on 03000 61 61 61

Are you concerned about the future of the NHS?

A recent public opinion survey by Ipsos has revealed that the NHS is now the most widely held concern of adults in the UK.   The Patients Association would like to find out what, exactly, it is about the NHS that concerns the public. 

Take part by completing the online survey

Consultation on care for patients with congenital heart disease - Deadline 05/06/17

NHS England has launched a public consultation on how it will put in place new standards for hospitals providing congenital heart disease services in England.

The consultation aims to gather views from patients, families and clinical experts.

There will be face to face meetings around the country, webinars and an online survey. Find out more and how to take part 

The deadline to complete the survey is  Monday 5 June 2017

Government to extend protections for NHS whistleblowers

NHS whistleblowers will be better protected by new rules that prohibit discrimination against them if they seek re-employment in the NHS. A consultation is open to seek views on the draft regulations that aim to:

  • Give the applicant a right to complain to an employment tribunal if they have been discriminated against because it appears they have previously blown the whistle
  • Set out a timeframe in which a complaint to the tribunal must be lodged
  • Set out the remedies that the tribunal may or must award if a complaint is upheld
  • Make provision as to the amount of compensation that can be awarded
  • Give the applicant a right to bring a claim in the county court or the High Court for breach of statutory duty in order to, among other things, restrain or prevent discriminatory conduct
  • Treat discrimination of an applicant by a worker or agent of the prospective employer (NHS body) as if it was discrimination by the NHS body itself

Have your say on the draft regulations by 12 May 2017

Improving Stroke Services in Coventry and Warwickshire Engagement

There is currently a consultation taking place on improving stroke services  in Coventry and Warwickshire. The proposals outlined in the engagement document have been co-developed by local health and social care professionals, stroke survivors and their carers and members of the public who participated in earlier engagement, and national experts who have tested the proposals. Download the engagement strategy and complete an online survey by 16 July 2017.