Better Health Better Care better Value

Plans for the future of NHS and Care Services in Coventry and Warwickshire

What is Better Health Better Care better Value

Better Health, Better Care, Better Value is the name of Coventry and Warwickshire’s sustainability and transformation partnership (sometimes called an STP). It is one of 44 areas covering all of England, where local NHS organisations and councils are working together to improve health and care in the areas they serve.

The vision is to work together to deliver high-quality care, which supports our communities to live well, stay independent and enjoy life.

How has Healthwatch been involved?

Healthwatch Coventry and Healthwatch Warwickshire have gone to Coventry and Warwickshire STP Board meetings since May 2016 as observer members. This means we are able to input ideas but are not directly involved in the decision making processes around STP plans.

Why we've been involved

It is clear to Healthwatch that the NHS is under pressure from the high level of demand for services both in the community and in hospitals. We hear about issues in recruiting the right numbers of staff and feedback from patients about issues with quality of some care. Some waiting time targets are also not being met.

We think is important that plans are made for how the NHS will deliver care for those who need it into the future.

We passionately believe that patients and the public must be part of the solutions. Looking again at how services are organised and delivered gives opportunities to make them much more patient and community focused. Making sure that there is attention given to preventing ill health also benefits local people.

What we are looking for from the STP?

We have said that we want there to be discussion with and involvement of local people in the planning of their future services. Our Good Engagement Charter should be the basis for this. 

We are looking for the following things: 

1. Are the proposed changes and the outcomes for local people explained in plain English with understandable evidence?

2. Is there real scope for the input of local people to bring changes to any plans?

3. Does the plan for talking to local people demonstrate how the views of less heard groups will be gathered?

4. Where existing services are being relocated, are there robust plans to ensure access to the services by users and carers and do these plans take into the account the needs of different people?

5. There must be a clear timeline for the development of plans under the STP, showing when people will be asked for their views

6. Co-operation between NHS and social care to understand pressures and join services up for the benefit of patients and service users

7. Emphasis on the proactive and preventative work stream - which is about stopping people from becoming ill and needing NHS and care services

Find out more about the STP

Go to more information about  Coventry and Warwickshire STP plan on the UHCW website